Jewelry Adventures. . . Find Precious Gemstones and Semi-Precious Gems

Locate the sources of the precious jewelry metals--gold, silver, platinum.

Learn the secrets of the gemstone trade and the designers who create the silver and gold objects of our desire.

Experience the adventure through my travels without leaving the comfort of your home.

Hunt for rocks and mine for gemstones you are familiar with--amethysts, topaz, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and diamond. I will show you gems you will not see in a retail jewelry store--pink rhodochrosite, rainbow obsidian, blue chalcedony, green diopside.

Harvest coral from the beds of the Mediterranean Sea. Comb the beaches of the Baltic Sea for golden amber. Go to the islands of French Polynesia to view the harvesting of the famous Black Tahitian Pearl.

When I was very young I fell in love with jewelry. I was given an aquamarine ring as a birthstone present for my birthday. It was magical--it sparkled and shone--and I was forever hooked on the world of jewelry.

I have travelled the world searching for beautiful jewelry and the pieces that make the jewelry beautiful.


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Gemstone Words and Terms Glossary
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Pearls of Wisdom about the Pearl
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