Hand-Carved Cameos and Cameo Jewelry are
One-of-a-Kind Treasures

Cameos have survived every whim of jewelry fashion since the Hellenic Age. Royalty, because of their wealth, have throughout history set the tone for jewelry fashion. Always a favorite with Queens, cameos have enjoyed a special place in the history of jewelry.

cornelian shell cameo-jewelry pendant
Egypt's Cleopatra had cameos with her image carved out of precious gems such as emeralds. Queen Elizabeth had, during the late 16th century, her portrait cut into semi-precious stones and turquoise. And, of course, cameos were a favorite of Britain's Queen Victoria.

Mother-of-Pearl Cameo Pendant Jewelry

There is perhaps no more feminine and classic gift of jewelry than a cameo. However, not all cameos are created equal and the materials and methods used can be confusing for anyone trying to find the right one.

The quality--and therefore the value--of a cameo is determined mainly by three things.

What is it made of?
How was it made?
Who made it?

Cameos can be made from a variety of materials including shell, precious and semi-precious gemstones, agate. The variety of materials used to make a carving is amazingly large.

Two different styles of carving--relief and intaglio--are used to produce cameos.

Two different areas--considered to be the cameo carving centers of the world--produce the overwhelming majority of jewelry-quality cameos produced today. Each cameo-carving center features their own carving houses with master carvers who train years before they are able to produce quality cameos.

Sardonyx Shell Cameo Pendant Jewelry

Cameos become a treasured possession and a family heirloom. They are cherished because of the skill it takes to produce one and because of the details that make a cameo a fitting centerpiece for jewelry.

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