How Did They Do That?

Jewelry-making-techniques are often confusing because there is almost always more than one way to accomplish a task. In fact, line up twelve jewelers, ask them how to make a certain piece of jewelry, and you will probably receive twelve different answers. Variations on a theme best describes how to approach the study of jewelry-making-techniques.

I want to BUY jewelry, not MAKE it!

The terms the jewelry industry uses in describing its offerings are often confusing and downright frustrating to the general public.

As an artisan jeweler who hand-fabricates and crafts each and every piece she sells, I have built a wonderful client base by offering as much information as possible to my customers. I enjoy explaining how a piece of jewelry was made--how was that chain fabricated, how did I polish that cabochon, how did I facet that gemstone?

I've always found that a customer who knows something about jewelry making techniques is a person who is able to appreciate and value handcrafted and hand-fabricated jewelry. The time I spend explaining techniques is time invested in my customer the same way I invest time in my jewelry.

And I've made some fabulous friends along the way.

So join us as we begin to explore the world of jewelry making and the techniques used to make these beautiful creations.

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The Final Products of Jewelry-Making-Techniques